2013-07-09 Luc Deschenauxupdated to jquery-mobile-1.3.1 master
2013-07-09 Luc Deschenauxshow next events > 60min eg: first afternoon events
2013-07-09 Luc DeschenauxFULL
2013-07-08 Luc Deschenauxremoved index.html and prog.xml
2013-07-08 Luc DeschenauxFull program inside (not good for old smartphones)
2013-07-08 Luc Deschenauxdisplay next events
2013-07-07 Luc Deschenauxcan select day in query string with d=yyyy-mm-dd [hh...
2013-07-03 Luc Deschenauxremove unused modules
2013-07-03 Luc Deschenauxnode path for test _index.php
2013-07-03 Luc Deschenauxupdated for new? xml2js module
2013-07-03 Luc Deschenauxnode_modules
2013-07-03 Luc Deschenauxtest program
2013-07-03 Luc Deschenauxtest program
2013-07-03 Luc Deschenauxupdated for node 0.6.12
2012-12-08 luxigoUpdate README.md
2012-12-08 Luc DeschenauxMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/luxigo...
2012-12-08 Luc Deschenauxident
2012-12-08 luxigoUpdate README.md
2012-12-08 luxigoCreate README.md
2012-12-08 Luc Deschenauxsample index.html
2012-12-08 Luc Deschenauxadded rmllnow.sh (for crontab: to fetch xml rmll progra...
2012-12-08 Luc Deschenauxinitial commit

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